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The provisions of the following state statutes are incorporated by reference in this chapter:

RCW 66.04.010


RCW 66.44.100

Opening or Consuming Liquor in a Public Place Prohibited

RCW 66.44.130

Sale of Liquor by Drink or Bottle

RCW 66.44.140

Unlawful Manufacture, Sale or Transportation of Liquor

RCW 66.44.150

Buying Liquor Illegally

RCW 66.44.160

Illegal Possession and Transportation of Alcoholic Beverages

RCW 66.44.170

Illegal Possession of Liquor With Intent to Sell

RCW 66.44.200

Sale to Persons Apparently Under the Influence of Liquor

RCW 66.44.210

Obtaining Liquor for Ineligible Person

RCW 66.44.240

Drinking in Public Conveyance Penalty Against Carrier

RCW 66.44.250

Drinking in Public Conveyance Penalty Against Individual

RCW 66.44.265

Candidates Giving or Purchasing Liquor on Election Day

RCW 66.44.270

Furnishing Liquor to Minors Use and Possession of Liquor by Minors

RCW 66.44.290

Minor Purchasing or Attempting to Purchase Liquor

RCW 66.44.291

Penalty Against Persons Between the Ages of 18 and 21 inclusive

RCW 66.44.300

Giving or Purchasing Liquor for a Minor

RCW 66.44.310(1)

Serving Liquor to Minors; Minors Frequenting Taverns; Minors Misrepresenting Their Age

RCW 66.44.320

Sale of Liquor to Minors

RCW 66.44.325

Unlawful Transfer to a Minor of an Identification of Age

RCW 66.44.328

Counterfeit or Facsimile Identification Cards

RCW 66.44.370

Resisting or Opposing a Peace Officer