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The provisions of the following state statutes are incorporated by reference in this chapter:

RCW 69.41.030

Sale, Delivery, or Possession of Legend Drug without Prescription or Order Prohibited—Exceptions—Penalty

RCW 69.50.101


RCW 69.50.102


RCW 69.50.201

Authority to Control

RCW 69.50.202


RCW 69.50.204

Marijuana defined as a Controlled Substance

RCW 69.50.309


RCW 69.50.401(e)

Possession of 40 Grams or Less of Marijuana Prohibited

RCW 69.50.412

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Prohibited

RCW 69.50.425

Mandatory Sentences

RCW 69.50.505

Forfeiture of Controlled Substances and Equipment and Vehicles Associated Therewith.

(Ord. 1763, 1994; Ord. 2229, 2011)