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A. Whenever graffiti exists and is visible to any person of normal eyesight utilizing any public road, parkway, alley, sidewalk, or other facility open to the general public, the responsible person shall abate such graffiti nuisance within 48 hours of the placement of such graffiti.

B. Whenever the responsible party fails to abate and remove graffiti as set forth in (A) above, and whenever the Mayor or his/her designated representative determines that graffiti exists, a notice shall be issued to the responsible person to abate the nuisance by a stated deadline which shall be no more than 48 hours after the date of the notice unless weather or seasonal conditions require a longer deadline.

C. The giving of notice as required by this section shall be accomplished by providing the notice to the responsible party in any one of the following ways:

1. By personal service on the responsible party;

2. By registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, properly addressed and mailed to the last known address of the responsible party and to the address of the party.

D. The notice shall be as established by the Chief of Police. The notice shall include a list of community resources and references where the property owner may seek assistance in the eradication of graffiti. (Ord. 2341, 2017)