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A. Prior to submitting a petition for the vacation of any street or alley, any abutting property owner may submit a written request to the City Clerk for a preapplication meeting with the City Council to discuss the proposal. The request shall include a description of the right-of-way for which vacation is intended to be sought, a statement of the applicant’s reasons for requesting vacation, and a statement as to how the requested vacation meets the criteria for granting a vacation as set forth in SMC 12.48.080. No fee shall be required in connection with the preapplication meeting request.

B. Upon receipt of a request for a preapplication meeting, the City Clerk shall schedule the meeting. At the meeting, the City Council may hear from the applicant, other interested parties, and City staff concerning the proposal. The Council may preliminarily determine if there are any of the granting criteria that the proposal appears incapable of complying with. This preliminary determination shall not be final or binding in any respect. If the applicant thereafter decides to proceed with a street vacation petition, all provisions of this chapter shall apply. (Ord. 2123, 2007)