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A. Off-street loading space is required for the following uses:

1. Manufacturing

2. Storage

3. Warehousing

4. Goods display

5. Department store

6. Wholesale store

7. Market

8. Hotel

9. Hospital

10. Mortuary

11. Laundry

12. Dry cleaning

13. Other uses involving the receipt or distribution of vehicles, material or merchandise.

B. Off street loading space must be on the same site and provide adequate space for standing, loading and unloading services in order to avoid undue interference with the public use of the streets or alleys. Each off-street loading space shall contain a minimum of two hundred fifty (250) square feet of space, which is appropriately identified and which meets with the requirements of this section. Off-street loading spaces shall have a minimum height clearance of fourteen (14) feet and shall be so situated that trucks or vans using the space shall not project into the public right-of-way. All truck loading doors on buildings shall have adjacent truck loading spaces. Such truck loading spaces may be used for vehicle parking of employees of the businesses using the spaces however such spaces will not be counted for customer parking.