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Building signs shall comply with the following regulations:

A. Building signs must not extend higher than the building eave, parapet, roof, or cornice on which they are mounted.

B. The maximum allowable sign face area is twenty-five square feet plus 10 percent of the building facade area facing the street or main parking area, except that a business with frontage on a City street and a State highway, where the building is visible from the highway, may have an additional building sign that faces the highway, which sign shall not exceed eighty square feet in area and shall be constructed of individual, internally illuminated (or back lit) letters. This total allowable area shall include awning and marquee signs but shall not include the area allowed for blade signs or shingle signs that are mounted perpendicular to the building facade pursuant to subsection D.

C. The building signs must be integrated into the architectural design of the building and must be located in a manner compatible with other signs on the same building.

D. Each tenant may also display a single blade or shingle sign that has a face perpendicular to the building, provided that the sign is no larger than three square feet, is no less than eight feet above the ground, and does not extend more than three feet from the building or beyond an existing architectural canopy.

E. In the case of a multi-tenant building, the owner or the management of the building is responsible for allocation of sign area among the tenants and shall be a coapplicant on all sign applications pertaining to the building and property.

F. The illustration below depicts typical building signs as allowed by this section.

Total amount of sign: 25 s.f. + 10% if façade facing the street or main parking area.

(Ord. 2109, 2006)