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A. The purpose of this chapter is to recognize and protect the beneficial functions performed by wetlands, which include, but are not limited to:

1. Providing food, breeding, nesting and/or rearing habitat for fish and other wildlife;

2. Recharging and discharging ground water;

3. Contributing to stream flow during low flow periods;

4. Stabilizing stream banks and shorelines;

5. Storing storm and flood waters to reduce flooding and erosion; and

6. Improving water quality through biofiltration, adsorption, and retention and transformation of sediments, nutrients, and toxicants.

B. The intent of this chapter is to:

1. Be consistent with the relevant policies of the City of Snohomish Comprehensive Plan;

2. Be consistent with the goals and policies of the Washington State Growth Management Act (Chapter 36.70A RCW);

3. Regulate land use to avoid adverse effects on wetlands and maintain the functions and values of wetlands throughout the City of Snohomish; and

4. Establish review procedures for development proposals that have the potential for negatively impacting the functionality of wetlands due to their close proximity to wetlands.

C. Compliance with the provisions of this chapter does not constitute compliance with other federal, state, and local regulations and permit requirements that may be required. The applicant is responsible for complying with these requirements, apart from the process established in this chapter. (Ord. 2368, 2019)