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A. In addition to the requirements of SMC 14.255.060, critical area reports for critical aquifer recharge areas shall include a hydro geologic assessment.

B. Level 1 (basic) hydro geologic assessments shall be prepared for all critical aquifer recharge areas and shall include the following information:

1. Available information regarding geology and hydrogeology of the site, including permeability of the unsaturated zone;

2. Ground water depth, flow direction, and gradient based on available information;

3. Available data on wells and springs within 1,300 feet;

4. Location of other critical areas, including surface waters, within 1,300 feet; and

5. Best management practices proposed to be utilized.

C. A Level 2 (more detailed) hydro geologic assessment shall be prepared in compliance with the following:

1. A Level 2 hydro geologic assessment shall be prepared for the following activities:

a. Activities that divert, alter, or reduce the flow of surface or ground waters, or otherwise reduce the recharging of the aquifer;

b. The use of hazardous substances, other than household chemicals used according to the directions specified on the packaging;

c. Injection wells; and

d. Any other activity determined by the City Planner as being likely to have an adverse impact on ground water quality or quantity.

2. A Level 2 Hydro geologic assessment shall include the following information:

a. Historic water quality data for the area to be affected by the proposed development;

b. Ground water monitoring plan;

c. Potential effects on water quality and quantity of nearby wells and water bodies; and

d. Analysis of equipment or structures that could fail and regular inspection, repair, and replacement necessary to prevent such failure.