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A. Continuation. Any legally established nonconforming structure is permitted to remain in the form and location in which it existed on the effective date of the nonconformance.

B. Improvements. Nonconforming structures may be structurally altered or enlarged only if the setback, height, lot coverage, and open space requirements of the zone in which the structure is located are met, except that repair to the existing structure including ordinary maintenance or replacement of walls, fixtures, or plumbing shall be permitted so long as the exterior dimensions of the structure, as it existed on the effective date of the nonconformance, are not increased.

C. Restoration. A structure that is accidentally destroyed may be fully restored only if the dimensional requirements of Chapter 14.210 SMC are met unless the structure is listed on the list of historic buildings, in which case the structure may be restored and located in its former location despite noncompliance with the dimensional requirements; provided, that:

1. To restore a destroyed nonconforming structure, a building permit must be submitted to the department within one year of the destruction; and

2. A structure shall be considered destroyed for purposes of this section if the restoration costs exceed 75 percent of the assessed value of record when the damage occurred. (Ord. 2338, 2017)