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A. Hearing attendees shall conduct themselves civilly and courteously or be removed from the hearing.

B. All testimony before the Hearing Examiner shall be given under oath to tell the truth, administered by the Hearing Examiner.

C. Whenever possible, the applicant and any parties planning to present legal briefs or testimony shall provide the City Planner and the Hearing Examiner with the material at least one week in advance. Such materials shall be available to the public, subject to payment therefore.

D. The applicant or appellant shall have the right of notice, cross-examination, presentation of evidence, objection, motion, argument, timely access to the City’s staff report, and all other rights essential to a fair hearing.

E. Parties of record shall have the right to present evidence and testimony at hearings. The right of parties of record to cross-examine, object, submit motions and arguments shall be at the discretion of the Hearing Examiner.

F. The Hearing Examiner may reasonably limit the number of witnesses heard and the nature and length of testimony. Cross-examination is permitted as necessary for a full disclosure of the facts, but the Hearing Examiner shall control the amount and style of cross-examination.

G. Participants in hearings, including the City itself, may be represented by legal counsel.