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When any side sewer is constructed, laid, connected or repaired, and does not comply with the provisions of this chapter, or where it is determined by the a health officer or the City Engineer that a side sewer is obstructed, broken, or inadequate and is a menace to health, or is liable to cause damage to public or private property, the health officer or City Engineer shall give notice to the owner, agent or occupant of the property in which such condition exists. If he or she shall refuse to reconstruct, relay, reconnect, repair, or remove the obstruction of said side sewer within the time specified in such notice, upon coordination with the health officer he or she shall so notify the City Engineer who may perform such work as may be necessary to comply with this chapter, and the cost of such work so done shall be charged to the property owner or occupant and shall become immediately payable to the City Treasurer upon written notice of such amount being given to the property owner or occupant or posted upon said premises. (Ord. 1602, 1987; Ord. 1730, 1993)