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A. All stormwater facilities required under this chapter shall be constructed and maintained as set forth in the Stormwater Manual and the permits and/or approvals of the City.

B. Maintenance of private stormwater facilities.

1. The person or persons holding title to the property and the applicant required to construct a stormwater facility shall remain responsible for the facility’s continual performance, operation, and maintenance in accordance with the standards and requirements of the Stormwater Manual, this chapter, and the permits and/or approvals of the City and shall remain responsible for any liability as a result of these duties. Language designating the responsible parties shall be printed on the face of the plat documents. The requirements of this subsection B shall apply to all new facilities constructed in the City.

2. The City shall have authority to periodically enter upon the property and inspect the facilities to ensure such compliance and to issue orders requiring maintenance and/or repair. In event that the titleholders or other responsible parties do not effect such maintenance and/or repairs, the City may perform such work, and the cost thereof shall be recoverable by the City from said titleholders or other responsible parties and/or by filing a lien against the property.

3. When an inspection identifies an exceedence of the maintenance standard, maintenance shall be performed in accordance with the following schedule:

- Within 1 year for typical maintenance of facilities, except catch basins.

- Within 6 months for typical maintenance.

- Within 2 years for maintenance that requires capital construction of less than $25,000.