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The purpose of this chapter is to establish uniform policies for city boards and commissions and to establish a process for review to insure that the organization is efficient and non-bureaucratic. It is further to assure public access to all meetings of such boards and commissions.

It shall also be a statement of the Council that all committees are creatures of the legislative body and shall not be deemed independent or autonomous to the legislative body.

A. All committees of the City of Snohomish shall be created by Ordinance of the City Council and shall contain a statement of purpose and need.

B. There shall be only four types of committees in the City of Snohomish and they shall have following purposes:

1. Standing Committees. Such Committees are established to conduct business delegated by the legislative body (City Council) and may be authorized by separate state statue or City ordinance. Examples of standing committees are the planning commission and civil service commission.

2. Special Committees. Such Committees are to investigate a special subject and report back to the City Council. An example is the Commission on Arts and Culture.

3. Citizen Advisory Committees. Such Committees are to promote citizen participation on a particular subject or function. An example is the Citizens Police Advisory Board.

4. Council Committees. A Councilmember shall chair Council Committees and serve the purposes established by Title 35A, RCW.