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A. The registrar shall serve as the City’s authenticating trustee, transfer agent, registrar and paying agent for all registered bonds and obligations for which he, she or it serves as registrar and shall comply fully with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations respecting the carrying out of those duties.

B. The rights, duties, responsibilities and compensation of the registrar shall be prescribed in each ordinance authorizing the issuance of the bonds or obligations, which rights, duties, responsibilities and compensation shall be embodied in a contract executed by the City Clerk Treasurer and the registrar, except in the instances when the fiscal agencies between the State Finance Committee of the state of Washington and the fiscal agencies in lieu of executing a separate contract shall be required.

C. In all cases when the registrar is not the fiscal agencies and the obligation is assignable, the ordinance authorizing the issuance of the registered bonds or obligations shall specify the terms and conditions of:

1. Making payments of principal and interest;

2. Printing and physical instruments, including the use of identifying numbers or other designation;

3. Specifying record and payment dates;

4. Determining denominations;

5. Establishing the manner of communicating with the owners of the bonds or obligations;

6. Establishing the methods of receipting for the physical instruments for payment of principal, the destruction of such instruments and the certification of such destruction;

7. Registering or releasing security interests, if any; and

8. Such other matters pertaining to the registration of the bonds or obligations authorized by such ordinance as the City may deem to be necessary or appropriate. (Ord. 1556, 1985)