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If the person who requests a hearing to contest a violation or mitigate the penalty then fails to appear at the scheduled hearing after having been given notice in the manner provided for by this Chapter, the Hearing Examiner shall use a standard form to immediately issue a default order, which finds committed all the violations set forth in the notice of violation and which assesses a fine in the full amount indicated in the notice of violation. In addition, at the request of the City, the Hearing Examiner shall also impose upon the non-appearing party any costs to the City related to preparation for the hearing. The Hearing Examiner shall cause a copy of the decision to be served upon the non-appearing party by mailing a copy to the last known address of the non-appearing party within ten (10) business days of the hearing. Upon the motion of a party, the Hearing Examiner may rescind a default judgment only upon a showing of good cause to do so and only if such motion has been brought within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of the hearing at which the default judgment was ordered.