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A. Whenever any vehicle shall have been impounded for violation of this chapter, the registered owner, person authorized by the registered owner, or one who has purchased the vehicle from the registered owner may request in writing a hearing to determine whether a violation of the provisions of this ordinance which authorizes the impoundment of the vehicle has occurred. The written request for a hearing shall be submitted to the City Clerk within ten (10) working days of the date the vehicle was impounded or the right to a hearing shall be deemed to have been waived.

B. Within thirty (30) days of receipt of a request for a hearing, the hearing as provided by this chapter shall be conducted by the City Parking Administrative Hearing Examiner as established SMC 11.08.360 as it now reads or is hereinafter amended. The sole issue to be determined by the Hearing Examiner shall be whether a violation of the provisions of this ordinance which authorize impoundment has occurred. If the Hearing Examiner finds that a violation of this ordinance has not occurred, he may, in his discretion, order that the City reimburse the owner of the vehicle or such other authorized person for all impound, storage, and citation fees paid by such person.

C. All provisions of SMC 11.08.360, as they now read or are hereinafter amended, as they pertain to the hearing procedure established by SMC 11.08.360, are hereby adopted by this reference.