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1. See SMC 14.212.410, Allowed Uses, for the permitted and provisional uses in the Pilchuck District.

2. Except tire retreading. See SMC 14.207.090, Industrial Uses.

3. Must be licensed by and meet all of the requirements of the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families. Facilities located in single-family or multifamily residential zones must:

a. Provide a child drop off and pick up system that minimizes impacts on traffic flow on adjacent streets; and

b. Design outside play areas to protect adjacent uses from significant noise levels.

4. Only the sale of new or reconditioned automobile supplies is permitted.

5. Animal cremation services are not permitted.

6. Store size shall be limited to three thousand (3,000) gross square feet in floor area.

7. Subject to the following conditions:

a. Minimum contiguous site area of three (3) acres.

b. Parking areas shall be screened from adjacent streets and residential uses.

c. All structures shall be offset from property lines a minimum of twenty (20) feet.

8. Adult uses will be allowed in the area designated for Industry located between Bonneville Avenue, Highway 9 and Seventh Street.

9. No gasoline sales.

10. Storage limited to accessory storage of commodities sold at retail on the premises or materials used in the fabrication of commodities sold on the premises.

11. Limited to office use and related parking for vehicles and equipment.

12. No outdoor storage unless it is screened.

13. Only as a home occupation.

14. When ancillary to a recreational land use.

15. Only permitted accessory to a primary use on the same site.

16. Shall not exceed three thousand (3,000) gross square feet in floor area.

17. Limited to office use. No outdoor storage and overnight parking of vehicles and equipment. (Ord. 2434, 2022; Ord. 2445, 2022)