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The following general criteria shall govern the development in this zoning district:

A. At the time that a change or intensification of land use, or new construction or development is proposed, the Planning Director shall issue written findings and establish dimensional standards applicable to the subject property, pursuant to SMC 14.05.050. The Planning Director’s determination and decision regarding applicable development regulations shall be appealable as prescribed by Chapter 14.20 SMC.

B. In determining the development regulations applicable to property designated Parks, Open Space and Public, the Planning Director shall consider factors such as:

1. Compatibility with existing and proposed land uses, facilities, planned open spaces, and improvements.

2. Development regulations applicable to nearby properties.

3. Limitations or controls upon construction or land use, including but not limited to critical areas on the site and transportation system level of service that may be warranted in order to minimize unmitigated adverse impacts. (Ord. 2214, 2011; Ord. 2379, 2020; Ord. 2456, 2022. Formerly 14.210.235)