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Intent: To promote development of attached dwellings that is visually compatible with single-family development in proportions and features.

A. Single-family buildings in the Townhouse zone shall be subject to the standards applicable to the Single-Family zone.

B. Non-residential primary structures shall be subject to all applicable standards in this section. Where functional requirements of the use are in conflict with these standards, the Review Authority is authorized to allow flexibility in the application of the standards, provided that the scale and appearance of proposed site and building improvements are consistent with the intent of the zone and visually compatible with adjacent properties.

C. Townhouse dwellings shall be a minimum of 20 feet wide at the front façade.

D. Townhouses shall employ one of the following methods of horizontal modulation of street-facing facades to differentiate dwellings:

1. Setback variation between dwelling units. No more than two adjacent dwellings shall have the same setback without a setback variation of at least 1 foot.

2. Horizontal modulation within each dwelling unit. The modulation shall be a minimum of 1 foot in depth and 4 feet in width, the sum of these dimensions shall be no less than 8 feet.

E. Street-facing rooflines shall vary between adjacent dwelling units.

F. Adjacent dwelling units shall be visually differentiated through the use of distinctive features and materials, although the individual designs should reflect the unity of the overall building design. Unifying compositional elements may include a common window header or sill.

G. All façades visible from a public street shall be articulated at maximum intervals of 22 feet horizontally and 12 feet vertically. Articulation of surfaces may occur through a change of wall plane or materials, incorporation of detailing such as belly bands, or projections such as bay windows, porches, and balconies.

H. Roofed porches, where provided, shall have a minimum dimension of 6 feet. This standard does not apply to minor entry landings.

I. Primary roof surfaces and gables shall have a minimum pitch of 8:12, except porch roofs, which may be less.

J. Outbuildings shall incorporate the materials, features, and proportions of the primary building.

K. Walkways from the public sidewalk shall not be shared by more than 2 adjacent units. Elevated entries to adjacent units, such as porches or landings, should not directly adjoin.

L. Light fixtures shall be provided for all entries.

M. Landscaping between the public sidewalk and the front entry shall provide views between 3 and 8 feet above grade consistent with Community Policing Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles.

N. Buildings shall be designed to create a private outdoor space with a minimum area of 100 square feet and a minimum dimension of 10 feet for the residents of each unit.

O. Ground-floors shall have a minimum of 150 square feet of living area per unit oriented to the street, exclusive of storage, shop, utility areas, stairs, and garages. (Ord. 2451, 2022)