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The following signs are prohibited:

A. Signs, or sign structures, which by coloring, working, or location resemble or conflict with traffic-control signs or devices.

B. Signs that create a safety hazard for pedestrians or vehicular traffic.

C. All signs that rotate, move, glare, flash, change, reflect, or blink, or appear to do any of those things, including search lights, except as otherwise provided in this chapter.

D. All inflatable advertising or attention-getting devices, including balloon signs of all sizes.

E. Any signs located on public right-of-way without evidence of specific approval by the City, except as otherwise provided in this chapter.

F. Signs with changeable letters and numbers with the exception of gas price signs at service stations, with the exception of thirty-five (35) percent of sign area for signs outside the Historic Business District land use designation area, and with the exception of electronic changing message signs as provided in this chapter.

G. Off-site signs, except for off-site highway signs as provided by SMC 14.245.082, and signs which advertise community events and meet the following criteria:

1. Are not displayed for longer than two (2) weeks.

2. Are not located in City right-of-way or are permitted by a City right-of-way use permit.

3. Are allowed by the property owner.

H. Private signs attached to municipal sign and signal poles.

I. Portable signs in the Historic Business land use designation area pursuant to SMC 14.245.075, except portable signs are allowed in the Historic Business land use designation area if located on Second Street or Avenue D.

J. Electronic changing message signs in the Historic District pursuant to SMC 14.245.085.

K. Erection of Signs or Structures. It is unlawful to use, place, or erect any sign board, sign, billboard, bulletin board, post, pole, or device of any kind for advertising in any park; or to attach any notice, bill, poster, sign, wire, rod, or card to any tree, shrub, railing, post, or structure within any park; or to place or erect in any park a structure of any kind. (Ord. 2097, 2005; Ord. 2109, 2006; Ord. 2204, 2011; Ord. 2362, 2018)