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A. School impact fees shall be imposed for District capital facilities that are reasonably related to the development under consideration, shall not exceed a proportionate share of the costs of system improvements that are reasonably related to the development, and shall be used for system improvements that will reasonably benefit the new development.

B. School impact fees must be expended or encumbered for a permissible use within six years of receipt by the District.

C. To the extent permitted by law, school impact fees may be collected for capital facilities costs previously incurred to the extent that new growth and development will be served by the previously constructed capital facilities, provided that school impact fees shall not be imposed to make up for any existing system deficiencies.

D. A developer required to pay a fee pursuant to RCW 43.21C.060 for capital facilities shall not be required to pay a school impact fee pursuant to RCW 82.02.050 - .090 and this title for the same capital facilities.