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As used in this chapter, the following shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section:

A. “Contractor” means any authorized person or entity contracting with the City to dispose of solid waste from within the City. It also means any commercial refuse collector authorized to continue collection of solid waste in newly annexed areas of the City pursuant to RCW 35.13.280.

B. “Garbage” means all putrescible animal or vegetable waste resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking, and consumption of food in any private dwelling, multiple dwelling, hotel, restaurant, building, or institution.

C. “Rubbish” is defined as follows:

1. “Bulk rubbish” means discarded household furniture, appliances, bedding, and mattresses, and similar large items.

2. “Commercial rubbish” means garbage and all other solid waste originating in and around businesses and publicly owned facilities.

3. “Normal rubbish” means all cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, waste paper, rags, sweepings, small pieces of wood, rubber, leather, and similar waste materials that ordinarily accumulate around a home, business, or industry, including lawn cuttings. It does not include tree and hedge trimmings, dead animals, hazardous materials, industrial waste, or building waste resulting from construction or alterations.

4. “Yard rubbish” means tree trimmings and hedge trimmings and includes limbs, trunks, and stumps.

D. “Solid waste” means both garbage and rubbish. (Ord. 1543, 1985)