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For the purposes of this chapter, the following words shall have the following meanings:

“Abate” means the removal, painting over, or other obscuring of graffiti from view as directed by the notice provided for in SMC 9.96.040.

“Graffiti” means the defacing, damaging, or destroying by spraying of paint or marking of ink, chalk, dye, or other similar substances on public or private buildings, structures, facilities, natural features, and places.

“Graffiti nuisance property” means property upon which graffiti exists and where, after notice as provided by this chapter, the graffiti has not been abated by the deadline set in a notice as established by this chapter.

“Indelible marker” shall mean any marker, pen, or similar implement containing anything other than a solution which can be removed with water after it dries and having a flat, pointed, or angled writing surface of a width of 4 mm or greater.

“Owner” means any entity or entities having a legal or equitable interest in real or personal property including but not limited to the interest of a tenant or lessee.

“Pressurized container” shall mean any can, bottle, spray device, or other mechanism designed to propel liquid which contains ink, paint, dye, or other similar substance which is expelled under pressure either through the use of aerosol devices, pumps, or similar propulsion devices.

“Responsible party” means an owner, and also an entity or person acting as an agent for an owner, or an entity or a person who has dominion and control over a property. There may be more than one responsible party for a particular property.