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The purpose of this designation is to maintain and develop adequate multi-family housing to provide a suitable living environment and the medium range in multiple-family residential density, housing types, ownership patterns, lifestyles, and economic needs of the population.

The following general criteria shall govern the development in this designation:

1. Medium density multi-family housing shall not exceed eighteen (18) units per acre, except where low-income housing incentives are approved as provided in Chapter 14.285 SMC.

2. Medium density multi-family development should be confined to areas near major transportation corridors and commercial areas.

3. The predominant use shall be multi-family housing. The density of apartment developments should be based upon topography, availability of utilities, and proximity to major transportation corridors and commercial areas.

4. Mobile home parks will be allowed as conditional uses, subject to review and appropriate design and development standards, and will be limited to multi-family areas, excluding the Historic District. Mobile home parks require a recorded development plan and will conform to the density requirements and the development standards of the medium density multi-family residential designation.

5. Multi-family development shall occur near arterials and bus routes in order to provide direct connections to places of work, shopping, and recreation. Streets providing access to apartments should have the capacity to serve the vehicular and pedestrian traffic which will be generated by the given density of the apartment development.

6. Multi-family development should be located on varying terrain, which avoids poorly drained areas and complies with critical area regulations.

7. Multi-family development shall be served by adequate City water, sanitary sewer, and storm drainage utilities.

8. Multi-family areas should be located adjacent to commercial areas and shall be used as a buffer between single-family areas and commercial and industry areas. (Ord. 2143, 2008)