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A. Harvey Airfield and the immediate surrounding area should be protected as a regional resource. This designation will protect it from incompatible land uses, allow its orderly expansion, and provide for its further development as a regional reliever field as designated by the FAA. This designation is also intended to reduce the impact of airport uses on adjacent properties.

B. The Airport Industry designation will allow a mix of certain commercial and light industry uses compatible with airport activities. This designation allows recreation uses as well as aviation related schools and associated student housing. Developable areas include those with environmental constraints and resource lands. Airport Industry development in the density fringe area will be with fewer improvements than in more land extensive uses and must comply with the density fringe regulations.

C. Development will be pursuant to site development plan.

1. Criteria shall include protection of environmentally critical areas and limited access onto adjacent public right-of-way.

2. Airport Industry development in the density flood fringe area shall have minimal improvements, extensive open land use, and must comply with the federal government’s density flood fringe regulations. (Ord. 2338, 2017)